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Let Your Employees Know You Care

In the midst of the pandemic I have decided to write a quick suggestion for each day with one thing that will positively impact your business and your life. They will be simple things that each of us can do, even in isolation. Hopefully, some of the ideas will help you strengthen relationships and build a better business for the future. Each day will include a practical challenge that I have found through personal experience will help strengthen every business and enrich a business owners’ life.

Day 1 – A note of appreciation to your employees

This one might seem natural to some, awkward to others. Some may need to send a group note, while others can send a small personal message (the preferred method). You should even send a note to employees that you have needed to lay off as a result of the pandemic. If you don’t have regular interaction, all the better. You may be astounded at the relationships you may develop through this exercise.

Keep the note simple:

· Express appreciation for them and the work they have performed

· Ask about how they and their loved ones are doing

· Write a positive note of hope for the future

· Any other items you feel inspired to write

The challenge for the day is to send a small note to at least 5 current or former employees. Let them know that you care and are thinking about them. You might discover that this simple act makes all of the difference to someone who is struggling. We all need to know that someone appreciates us and cares about us.

Einar Schow

CEO, My Value Advisor

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