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A Book Club is an Excellent Way to Share Ideas

In the midst of the pandemic I have decided to write a quick suggestion for each day with one thing that will positively impact your business and your life. They will be simple things that each of us can do, even in isolation. Hopefully, some of the ideas will help you strengthen relationships and build a better business for the future. Each day will include a practical challenge that I have found through personal experience will help strengthen every business and enrich a business owners’ life.

Day 2 – Start a Book Club with Your Peers

Have you every wondered how to gain business insights from other business owners like yourself? Collectively, you have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that you can share with each other. A book club is an excellent way to start conversations and gain insights in a group setting. Here are some tips on starting a club:

1. Identify who to invite – Who are your peers that can help you become more productive and purposeful in your career and as a business owner? This list may expand beyond your peers to other influencers, advisors or mentors whose insights you value.

2. Define the purpose of the club – Is the theme general business management, building a successful culture, process improvement, or all of the above?

3. Decide how you are going to meet, and when – My suggestion is to hold the meeting after business hours. And, with the current pandemic, this is an excellent time to start meeting on-line. This will help reduce geographic barriers as well.

4. Determine the process for selecting books to read. Some guidelines for the group may include topics, length, price, on-line availability, etc. Determining the books to read should follow a nomination process. Be careful to allow all members to have input and opportunity to select the books.

5. Give everyone in the book club a voice, including the introverts. Determine the structure for the meetings and include options that require everyone to participate and to be heard.

6. Outline how you will conduct your book club. Is the club more social than academic? What are the reading expectations related to each meeting? Are there other activities beyond book discussions? Who should lead the discussion (rotating the responsibility helps keep everyone involved)?

Having a book club that is focused on business learning can be very rewarding. Today’s challenge is to take the initiative to reach out to some of your peers to ascertain their interest in participating. I have found that most business owners love the idea. Carefully outlining how to run the club is the key ingredient to taking this from a great idea to having an ongoing outlet for invigorating and educational conversations.

Einar Schow

CEO, My Value Advisor

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