Too many business owners fail to reach highest value when they sell their business.




Helping small business owners prepare for a successful exit and personal satisfaction, while achieving highest value when selling their business. We help our owners:

  • Establish key objectives related to the business sale and life after business

  • Create a benchmark business valuation

  • Identify key drivers of business growth

  • Implement relevant growth drivers

  • Prepare for the successful sale of the business

achieving your goals and harvesting your value

There are many factors that drive a successful business sale. Understanding value, negotiating price and listing the business are key components. In order to achieve highest value preparation and focus is critical

enhance your business value

Understand what your business is worth and what drives business growth

maximize income

Tax preparation to help you keep as much as possible

grow your business

Planning for a sale naturally enhances real business growth

create a transferable business

Ensuring that other people can succeed in your place

improve your "curb appeal"

Creating a business that looks attractive to prospective investors

Take Care of Key People

Preserving the livelihood of your employees and family

Evaluate Sales Options

Strategic positioning to attract the right buyers

Get Ready to Sell

Make negotiations easier by providing meaningful and transparent business review








On the average, 90% of a business owners’ net worth is the business. Are you too focused on running your business to understanding and improving your business value? Are you one of many business owners who think that your business has no value to anyone else? Chances are the successful sale of your business is critical to your next chapter in life. Making your business look attractive to prospective buyers is a critical part of the sales process. Let My Value Advisor help you the answer these critical questions:

  1. Who will buy your business?

  2. How can your business successfully transfer to new ownership?

  3. What are your most important goals as you exit your business?

  4.  How will you include your family and your employees in the process?

  5. What are the specific factors that can help your business grow?


Purchasing a business is risky. However, if you purchase the right business it may save you years frustration building clientele, brand and operations. How can you evaluate whether you will be able to successfully take over a business and maintain key clients and personnel? Evaluating the risks and rewards in purchasing a business can be difficult and emotionally taxing. Taking the time for careful evaluation and being able to ask and get truthful answers to the right questions is critical. Whether you are inheriting a family business or investing in an existing business, stepping back and objectively reviewing the potential challenges and rewards is critical to success. My Value Advisor is here to help you uncover the opportunities and the risks, so that you can make a qualified decision. During the process, we will address some of the large questions related to buying a business, including:


  1. Will clients and employees remain through the transfer?

  2. Is the business I’m purchasing accurately representing key information?

  3. How do I finance the business purchase?

  4. How much should I pay for the business to receive good value?

business valuation tool

The number one driver of business value is consistent, strong growth. There is nothing that energizes owners and employees more than a business that is growing and has a bright future. Whether you are selling, buying or keeping a business, consistent and measurable growth should be a top priority. Yet, as owners we often get caught up in everyday tasks and priorities. You are working in the business rather than on the business. My Value Advisor can help you ensure that you maintain your focus on critical growth objectives as you continue to focus on business operations and urgent deliverables. We help you to:


  • Define meaningful and measurable growth objectives.

  • Outline key strategies and tactics to achieve growth.

  • Communicate objectives to the team and instill a growth mentality into your company’s culture.

  • ​Maintain focus on growth objectives through consistent follow-up and reporting and review.


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